Plant Bites.


Imagine the inside of your favorite childhood cookie — a fig newton with the crunch from real organic Turkish figs. The durability of fig skin and the addition of organic beet root makes these the best flavor for long hot days.

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This tropical mix is the perfect balance between sweet and creamy – and brings you to your favorite beach spot, even on mile 21. The addition of turmeric allows for anti-inflammation benefits, making this flavor perfect for high-intensity, short-burst workouts.

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The closest whole foods get to cherry pie! This delicious morsel is built on organic cherries and organic dates – some of our favorite WFPB training fuels. Promotes peak performance and deep recovery with the added superfood benefits of chia seeds.

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Try all of the available flavors and find your favorite, or get all three delivered on a subscription so you can mix and match whenever you want.



Can I get a refund?

Our refund policy depends on the reason why you are requesting a refund. If we made a mistake, or you are unsatisfied with your order, please send us an email: happy@plantbites.com and we will be sure to give you a refund.  

Do you accept returns?

Due to the fact that we are a perishable product, we do not accept returns since we cannot resell your item. If you are not going to finish your order and the Plant Bites are in good condition - we suggest you either donate them to a local food bank, gift them to a friend, or compost them! If you’d like a replacement order instead of a refund, we would be more than happy to replace your purchase. Just send us an email at happy@plantbites.com 


How do I make adjustments to my subscription?

Click on 'Delivery Schedule' in the menu to get to the list of future deliveries. If you click on 'Skip', the delivery will be skipped, and the next one will remain scheduled at whatever interval you have set. However, if you click on 'Edit', you'll be able to change the delivery date (useful if you just want to bump it back a week or two), as well as adjust your delivery frequency - so if your Plant Bites are arriving too fast, you can always set the orders further apart.

I want to switch flavors. How do I do that?

Please reach out to customer service at happy@plantbites.com for assistance swapping your subscription.

An order has processed and I don't think it should have. How do I cancel it?

If you believe the charge was made in error, if you were charged for a subscription you meant to cancel, or if something came up that made you change your mind, please let us know IMMEDIATELY at happy@plantbites.com.If your order has already shipped the only option is to wait for it to arrive and return it to our fulfillment center.

NOTE: Cancelling a subscription will NOT cancel an order that has already been processed and charged. Please follow the advice above for this.

We absolutely do not want to send you something you do not want - but if the package does get shipped, please refuse delivery: do not open the box, write 'REFUSED, RETURN TO SENDER' on it, and hand back to your delivery person.


Do you ship outside of the U.S.?

Unfortunately, we cannot ship our product outside of the U.S….yet (Yes, this includes Canada)! We are working hard to ensure you can enjoy Plant Bites no matter where you reside in the globe!

How long does it take from placing my order to receiving it?

As a new business, we are working very hard to get to the point where orders will be fulfilled the same day as being placed - however we are not quite there yet! Once you place your order, it will be shipped out within 1 weeks time. We ship all orders USPS Priority Mail.

Which shipping company do you use?

In the past, Plant Bites has used both USPS and UPS. Moving forward, we will be using USPS. If your address cannot be delivered by USPS, please send us an email at happy@plantbites.com.

Help! I have moved and need to change my address. How do I do this?

Click “Subscriptions” and then click on the 'Edit' button next to the subscription, then the 'Edit' button below your Shipping Address.


Do Plant Bites contain allergens?

Plant Bites are made with Allergen free ingredients! Plant bites do NOT contain: Milk, Eggs, Fish, Crustacean shellfish, Tree nuts, Peanuts, Wheat, Gluten, Soybeans and Sesame. However, they are currently made in a facility that processes some of these allergens. In the next few months we are in the process of changing our facilities to guarantee 100% allergen free.

Are Plant Bites Gluten Free?

Plant Bites are not made with any ingredients that contain Gluten in them - however, they are currently being made in a facility that processes wheat and other items that may contain gluten. In the near future, however - our facility will be certified gluten free.

I am not an athlete. Can I use this product?

Yes! The most amazing thing about a Whole-Food, Plant-Based endurance fuel is that you can eat them for your athletic pursuits AND for snacking pleasure! Some of our most common customers are under the age of 5, or those who love a good vehicle for some Peanut Butter and ice cream!

How do I carry these while out running, cycling and on the go?

We currently do not offer single serve packages because we want to do our part in creating less waste. Lot’s of our customers use re-useable silicone bags, or pieces of tin foil that they re-use to carry them. We like these brands: Stasher, Ziptop. We are working on a single-serve packaging solution!

How long do they last in the fridge? Freezer?

These bites last several months in the freezer. If you are worried you won’t finish them in time - put them in the freezer! There is no defrost time as they do not freeze into a solid block. These Plant Bites do have a shelf stable life of 30 days, however we know that customers enjoy them better when cold. If you are traveling to a race, or hiking or backpacking - they are 100% safe to use without a refrigerator!