Scrappy Bites.

Did you know that each year 30-40% of the total US food supply is thrown away?

It happens up and down the supply chain, from the farm to the grocery store, to your kitchen garbage. That amount of waste has an enormous impact on our environment and landfills, accounting for 7% of the world's emissions.

Unfortunately, food waste is a problem we're dealing with at Plant Bites as well.

As we cut each Bite into a uniform square for portion control, we're creating six bags of waste for every 20 bags of product.

But that "waste" isn't actually waste. The scraps come from the same ingredients, taste delicious, and fuel your body just as well. The only reason they're brushed aside is because that they don't look uniform.

Now you can help solve the food waste problem (and save money in the process).

When you buy a bag of Scrappy Bites, you're playing an active role in the solution.

Scrappy Bites are the same Plant Bites product — engineered to fuel your workouts on whole foods — only sometimes in Scrappy form that looks more like strips instead of cubes.

And right now, we're offering Scrappy Bites at a 10% discount for one-time purchases and 20% off when you subscribe.

Save money. Help the plant. Fuel your workouts.

Ready to get started?


Imagine the inside of your favorite childhood cookie — a fig newton with the crunch from real organic Turkish figs. The durability of fig skin and the addition of organic beet root makes these the best flavor for long hot days.

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This tropical mix is the perfect balance between sweet and creamy – and brings you to your favorite beach spot, even on mile 21. The addition of turmeric allows for anti-inflammation benefits, making this flavor perfect for high-intensity, short-burst workouts.

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The closest whole foods get to cherry pie! This delicious morsel is built on organic cherries and organic dates – some of our favorite WFPB training fuels. Promotes peak performance and deep recovery with the added superfood benefits of chia seeds.

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STARTING AT $13.50 $12.15 PER BAG

...or lower if you buy more than a single bag, or start a subscription. A chance to save money, help the environment by reducing food waste, and fuel your workouts? Why not.